The Swap Centre is a unique and fun source of learning at HSC. Modelled after Sudbury's "Science North", the Swap Centre allows students to collect, research and swap for objects of interest, such as stamps, fossils, coins, and many other interesting collectibles.

How Do I Swap?

All you need to do is come on down to the Swap Centre when you have something to swap and make an appointment. You may want to make an appointment just to look around if you're not sure what kinds of things get swapped. Come in with lots of questions to ask. Better yet, come down with a regular swapper who can help you look around and answer your questions.

You will get a sticker with your swap appointment day and time on it. Be sure to take it back to your classroom and stick it on your class schedule. Then, come down to the Swap Centre when it's time for your appointment. Here's an important swapping tip: always be prompt!

You'll need lots of time to fully enjoy your swapping experience.

Swap Centre Dos and Don'ts...
  1. DO NOT collect bird nests and eggs, dead animals or their parts, endangered plants or objects of historical value (like genuine arrowheads). If you're not sure about something, please ask at the Swap Centre.
  2. DO NOT swap valuable stamps or coins (like Great Aunt Mabel's prize-winning stamp collection that won her first place in the county fair back in 1925).
  3. DO NOT over collect items from nature. It's better to just pick up one or two perfect shells than handfuls of broken ones. Be selective!
  4. DO NOT take things from home without asking permission first. That spectacular amethyst geode on the mantle should probably be left alone!
  5. DO show your respect for nature. Leave things the way you found them.
  6. DO make notes and sketches while you're hunting for swap items. Try and learn as much as you can through observation and field guides.
  7. DO share your enthusiasm for collecting with others. You may inspire someone to start a new hobby and make a new friend at the same time.
  8. Keep on swapping!





















































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