The Montessori Program has been an integral part of
HSC since 1967. Students are afforded experiences and
opportunities that support the core values of
self- confidence, self-directed learning, independence,
respect for others and the environment.

Dianne de Freitas, Montessori School Principal

Hello and welcome to our Montessori School at Hillfield Strathallan College. Our Montessori School is CCMA ACCREDITED, upholding the highest standards of an authentic Montessori education.

It has been an integral part of HSC since 1967, offering our students experiences and opportunities that enhance the core values of the Montessori approach to education.

Our Program Reflects  

  • The nurturing of each individual student's ability and preferred learning style.
  • The cultivation of universal values which include self-respect, self-discipline, moral development, respect for others, empathy and peacefulness.
  • The construction of knowledge through active learning involving concrete experience, reflective observation and abstract conceptualization.
  • The fostering of independent, self-motivated work through freedom of choice and a heightened sense of responsibility.

Dianne de Freitas
Montessori School Principal

Read the Montessori School Information Brochure

Authentic Montessori School

» Individualized teaching and learning

» Self directed learning

» Spontaneous activity

» Respect for others

» Respect for environment

» Concentrated and focused work

» Joy of learning

» Mixed ages

» Collaborative class community

» Freedom within limits

» Full range of Montessori materials

» Accredited teachers

» Responsibility for one's own actions

» Integrated curriculum



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