The CASA program 2 ½ - 5 years old pre-kindergarten, Junior & Senior Kindergarten levels.

Intellectual Development

Work Habits/Outcome

Co-ordinating fine and gross motor skills

Development of a sense of order and independence

Developing sensory perception and discrimination skills Development of concentration
Emphasis on developing of oral language skills

Nurtured a natural sensitivity for language

Learning to encode and decode words

Appreciation of written language as the transmission of thought

Understanding the function of words in a sentence

Heightened interest and love for the structure of language

Spontaneous creative writing

Expression of their own thoughts

Manipulating mathematical concepts concretely

Development of the mathematical mind for precision, exactness and calculation

Constructing mathematical operations with concrete materials Heightened understanding of basic mathematical operations
Exploring the world of people (past & present) plants and animals Appreciation of the integration of people and nature
Being introduced to the French language Familiarity with diversity
Integrating Art & Design within other subjects

Use of creative activities as a form of communication

Listening to and making music through singing and responding to rhythm Enjoyment of music as a form of expression
Participating in physical exercises through gymnastics, games and coordinated movements Development of good health & safety habits

Elementary Program 6 - 9 yrs., Grades 1 - 4

Intellectual Development

Work Habits/Outcome

Emphasis on individualized exercises geared to develop skill level Development of concentration
Selecting work choices based on interest and ability

Development of self directed and responsible work habits and leadership skills

Participating in peer tutoring and group learning opportunities

Heightened awareness of others and an increased ability to participate in group learning

Manipulation of sensorial mathematical materials Appreciation of association of quantity and symbol and place value
Exploration of basic mathematical operations with specifically designed materials Development of an understanding of the operations of whole numbers
Repetition of math materials designed for operational memorization

Development of proficiency in abstract
mathematical operations

Exploration of geometric materials

Increased awareness of spatial relationships and geometric concepts

Exploration of manuscript and cursive writing

Enhanced ability to express in written form

Participation in exploration of children's literature and novels

Development of reading comprehension skills and enhanced appreciation of literature

Examining the grammatical roles of words with specifically designed materials Development of understanding of the rules of English grammar
Exploring spelling rules

Ability to express oneself in written form and the keys to written work

Analyzing sentences

Development of an understanding of the roles of sentence components

Curricular activities that present the needs of peoples, cultures and traditions Appreciation of the interdependency of people and cultures
Curricular activities that promote respect and appreciation for the environment Development of responsibility for the environment and global citizenship
The opportunity to investigate a topic of interest

Development of research skills





















































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