The well-established House System is one of the most exciting formats involved in the Middle School.  The House system helps foster a sense of community as it enables students to work together and make friends at all grade levels.  They also have the opportunity to stretch and explore social, group, and leadership skills that develop as they progress through the grades.  There are four Brother/Sister House combinations in the College for Middle School.  They are Birch/Earn, Cedar/More, Maple/Tay and Pine/Yre.  Students remain in the House where they have been initially placed for all of their HSC school years.   All new students become members of a Brother/Sister House.  The choice may be by family/alumni affiliation or by random selection considering an enrolment balance for all houses.  In later years, students will be able to share the history, the successes, the highlights and the lowlights of their years in the Middle School.

House Captains

Each House is supervised by a Staff member and student House officials.  The House Captains and Assistant House Captains are voted into office by the other students in the House.  Elections are held in May/June for the next school year. 

The general expectations of a House Captain are:

  • Organize their House activities through weekly planning sessions and meetings
  • Promote enthusiasm and good sportsmanship
  • Display leadership qualities
  • Get along well with others
  • Are active in all aspects of the Middle School Program
  • Display good manners and respect for others
  • Are aware of the guidelines specified in the College Handbook as they relate to Middle School students

Staff members, elected student officials, and House members meet regularly to generate House spirit and to discuss and plan the different events and activities.  Each student in each House is involved in co-operative/competitive sports, arts activities, special events, fundraising and any items relevant to the College program. 

House Awards

At year’s end, trophies are awarded to different Houses for success in sports competition and participation in various aspects of college life.  The Colin D. Gibson Shield is awarded for Junior Boys’ House championship and The Louise R. Campbell Shield for Junior Girls’ House championship.  Students are awarded points for achievement in academics and activities.  The number of points depends on the type of activity and the level of involvement, contribution and success.  There are awards granted at various levels of point accumulation.  When students accumulate 100, 200, and 300 points they will receive a chenille crest which are awarded at our Middle School Awards Assemblies – Fall, Winter, Spring.


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