E-Week (Long-term Excursions)

At all grade levels, there is an opportunity for students to be involved in an extended excursion.  There is not an alternate program offered at the College during the “E” week.  There is a charge beyond the regular fees to cover the expense of the excursion and this may vary from year to year.

These programs will be an integral part of the curriculum in the first term. All students in the Middle School will participate in an Outdoor Education experience.  Integration of Outdoor Education into the curriculum provides reinforcement of skills and concepts as well as an opportunity to explore these concepts in a “real world” setting. Students create stronger bonds with each other, and they also develop a stronger appreciation and understanding for the environment. At HSC, we support this goal of providing more opportunities for our students to take part in developing a richer and greater appreciation for our world. Additionally, we also believe that these enhanced programs will help to deliver the curriculum in a meaningful and exciting manner, while ensuring that our students will be able to take careful and controlled risks in a safe and nurturing environment. Students will develop teamwork, cooperation and leadership skills.   The programs are distinctively different than the traditional "summer camp" activities.  Students will be oriented to the program in the first few days of school.

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