Technology Education

Technological Education at HSC is a two strand programme. The Design curriculum enables students to understand the technological and computer concepts as they relate to the design process,  and how to test and evaluate design solutions when building functional products. The students will also acquire the basic design skills required for post secondary studies in engineering, manufacturing, architecture and construction as they progress through the curriculum.  The Communication strand is a Multimedia curriculum based on the latest software technology being used in industry. Students will examine and be required to complete a range of projects in the areas of graphical information displays, 3-D (Computer generated) Animation, Web Page Design, Videography and printed stationary. Students will study industry standards, explore post-secondary career options and examine the impact of Communications Technology on society and the environment. The integral part of this programme is being part of the BOAR PIBROCH (Yearbook) team. Students will develop computer and organizational skills, as well as marketing and business processes, through the production of the yearbook.























































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