A Message from the Director of Arts

In this era of great competition for our attention, the question may be asked, “why does a community need the arts?”  When we have available to us virtually perfect recordings, video games, HD sporting events, home theatre systems, why would there be a need to engage in a study of the arts?

The answer, I believe, can be found in a community’s spiritual depth, its cultural soul, and its compulsion to be a feeling, expressive and passionate society. A society’s need to experience artistic pursuits speaks to the desire to understand the deepest parts of the human intellect.  Great artists poured themselves into their work in order to explore this desire to understand humanity.  When students at HSC present a dramatic work, or perform a concert, the energy and the passion of the students helps to build the soul of our community and in turn, helps us all to experience a more fulfilling existence.

At HSC we strive to provide an abundance of artistic activities, so that all of our students will be moved to explore their talents.  Drama, music, visual arts, creative writing, photography, creative design, and poetry are among the many offerings at HSC.  In addition, our community, and the greater Hamilton community are treated to the finest in the performing arts through our Crescendo Concert Series. 

I hope that you will take advantage of the wonderful artistic work that takes place in our HSC community this year by attending a performance or activity.  I know that you will enjoy the energy and the passion!

Dr. Gregory Burton
Director of Arts





















































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