Assemblies and Chapel

Recognizing the importance of building community and of promoting ethical behaviour, students and faculty participate in an inter-denominational Chapel service each week led by the Head of College. Although not overtly religious, this service reflects the College's traditions and promotes a sense of social responsibility and shared purpose. Consisting of the School Prayer, a student reading or performance and an address from the Headmaster, Chapel generally takes place on Friday mornings. Special services, including Prefect Installation, Remembrance Day and the Carol Service, also punctuate the school year. In addition to Chapel, each of the four schools holds regular assemblies on a weekly basis.


There are four Brother/Sister House combinations in the College for Middle and Senior School students. Every Middle and Senior School student belongs to one of four Houses. The choice may be by family/alumni affiliation (if you have had a relative in the College and wish your child to be in the corresponding House, please contact the Head of School) or by random selection considering the enrolment balance for all Houses.

Boys' Houses

Girls' Houses














The House system provides a vertical continuum for the purpose of counselling, special activities and competition. There are several prizes, awarded annually, for the Houses contributing the most to the College.

Each House is supervised by a Staff member and student House officials. The House captains and assistant captains are voted into office by the other students in the House.

Elections are held in May/June for the next school year. Students are awarded points for achievement in academics and activities. The number of points depends on the type of activity and the level of involvement, contribution and success. There are awards granted at various levels of point accumulation.

Student Leadership

A variety or leadership development opportunities are available to students in all grades. These include: student council, social action committee, student services umbrella group, art, chess and science clubs. Our Grade 12 Prefects, under the able leadership of our Head Girl and Head Boy, serve as role models for the student body and work tirelessly in the College and in the greater community to make connections with all of our constituent groups.

Prefects are chosen from members of the graduating class who have indicated a desire to be considered for such a position. They are selected as those who, in the opinion of their peers, the faculty and Headmaster, have shown responsibility in the areas of academics, activity participation, and leadership.

Their primary function is to help guide the younger students to foster school spirit and to help in the administration and discipline of the College.

The ultimate responsibility for the appointment of Prefects rests with the Headmaster.

2010 - 2011 Prefects



Colin Babington

Alexandra Bain

Thomas Birnie

Brittany Davies

Brad Dimitroff

Julia Falco

Michael Gnocato

Nisha Goel

Yaseen Kahled Meaghan Philp
Curtis Urbanowicz Tessa Spicer
Samuel Wain-Lowe Jennifer Wismer









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