All secondary school students in Ontario are pursuing the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The OSSD is the most important requirement for university entrance.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma Requirements

The program of study is referred to as the Ontario Secondary Schools, Grade 9 - 12: Program and Diploma Requirements (OSS). In order to receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) under the OSS guidelines, the student must successfully complete 30 credits from a variety of subject areas. There are 18 compulsory and 12 elective credits.

Definition of a Credit

A credit is granted by a principal on behalf of the Ministry of Education in recognition of the successful completion of a course which has a minimum of 110 hours of instructional time and has been developed or approved by the Ministry.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) Requirements

Subject Area


English (one at each grade level: 9-12)




Mathematics (at least 1 credit in Grade 11 or 12)




Canadian History (Grade 10)


Canadian Geography (Grade 9)




Health and Physical Education


Civics and Career Studies (1/2 credit each)


Additional English OR Third Language OR
Social Science OR Canadian and World Studies


Additional Health and Physical Education OR
Business Studies OR The Arts (music, drama,
art, OR dance)


Additional Science (Grade 11 or 12) OR
Technological Education (Grades 9 to 12)


Compulsory Credits


Elective Credits




In addition to these course credit requirements, students must also complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service and pass the OntarioSecondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).

Ontario Student Record (OSR)

An information file containing report cards, an up-to-date transcript, and other material pertinent to the student's academic achievements, called the Ontario Student Record (OSR), is maintained by Hillfield Strathallan College for each student enrolled and is retained after graduation for fifty-five years. A full policy document, describing the Ontario Student Record, can be found at:

A parental request to review the OSR (with or without the student in attendance) may be made to the Head of Senior School.

Ontario Student Transcript (OST)

The Ontario Student Transcript (OST) was developed in 1983 to provide an official and consistent record of the Ontario secondary school credit courses successfully completed by a student. The OST is kept in the student's Ontario Student Record (OSR) which is maintained in the School Administration Office. All withdrawals after the course drop date from any Grade 11 or 12 course must be recorded on the OST. As well, any repeat of a course must also be recorded on the OST and the credit awarded to the course attempt with the highest grade upon completion.

The OST will include the following:

  • all Grade 9 and 10 courses successfully completed by the student, with percentage grades obtained and credits earned
  • all Grade 11 and 12 courses completed or attempted by the student, with percentage grades obtained and credits earned
  • identification of compulsory credits, including credits that are substitutions for compulsory credits identified by the Ministry as diploma requirements
  • confirmation that the student has completed the forty hours of community service
  • confirmation that the student has successfully completed the OntarioSecondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)

A full policy document, describing the Ontario Student Transcript, can be found at,









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