To All Members of the HSC Community:

In 2008, the Board of Governors unanimously approved Making a World of Difference, Hillfield Strathallan College’s new Strategic Plan.

Building on HSC’s past accomplishments, our new Strategic Plan reflects extensive consultation with all HSC stakeholder groups, as well as with a variety of key community leaders.  Over a period of five to six years, it will advance the overriding goal of realizing the potential of our students “so that they go on to serve as effective leaders able and willing to make their world a better place.” In order to realize this goal, we will pursue three interrelated Strategic Priorities: 1) a student-centred approach to teaching and learning, 2) enhanced student leadership and community service opportunities, 3) environmental stewardship and sustainability.   

Together with the planned construction of a new Senior School and College-wide athletic complex, Making a World of Difference will establish HSC as the independent school in Canada that best prepares its students for the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century.  To quote from the Strategic Plan, “our world needs, more than ever, leaders who are imaginative, empathetic, adaptable, innovative, big picture thinkers and problem solvers” During their time at HSC our students must therefore “hone their twenty-first century skills, with particular emphasis on the most important skills of
all – creativity, critical thinking and learning how to learn.” 

I encourage all members of the HSC community to read the entire text which can be accessed through the College’s website.  As well, anyone who prefers a paper copy can pick one up either from the receptionist in the Holton Building or at any of the four school’s curriculum nights taking place in September.  Your ongoing involvement in the life of the College is greatly appreciated.  To quote from our new Strategic Plan, “together, we are making a world of difference!”

Warmest regards,

Marc Ayotte
Head of College


Please click here to view an update to the 2008-2014 Strategic Plan


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