We make efforts to develop students who ask great
questions, who are resilient problem-solvers and who are connected to the wider world.

Marc Ayotte, Head of College


Welcome to Hillfield Strathallan College. We are a community where children and their learning are at the forefront. It is a place where each child is known, challenged to do their best, and supported in that pursuit. The best education of any child is achieved through a partnership between the school and the family, and HSC embraces this ideal in our shared goal of helping the student to achieve their full potential.

HSC consists of four small schools that are united by a common commitment to our Mission, Vision and Values. In each school we are committed to ensuring a balance between the development of student independence and guidance from a caring faculty, sensitive to the age and stage of the student. We make efforts to develop students who ask great questions, who are resilient problem-solvers and who are connected to the wider world. We recognize that all students learn differently and make every effort to address individual learning needs and styles.

The program of each school is designed in recognition of the fact that true learning occurs when curriculum is meaningful and relevant, and that this learning is not restricted to the classroom. Students who are most successful in university and beyond are those who are engaged fully in a rich program of co-curricular offerings, in addition to a solid academic program. HSC provides a multitude of offerings which allow students to discover and follow their passions, whether they lie in academics, athletics, fine arts, outdoor education or community service. We feel strongly that in the close-knit community at HSC students will bond together with their classmates and teachers for life through these shared experiences.

I invite you to explore our website to learn a bit more about the incredible opportunities available at the College, but the true flavor of the experience at HSC can only be gained by paying us a visit. You will see engaged and happy learners, students and faculty working together, students pursuing their dreams on the fields, in the gymnasia and in the theatre, or simply enjoying each other’s company in the dining hall. I do hope that you will join us to discover what makes Hillfield Strathallan College such an amazing place.

Marc Ayotte
Head of College

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